avatar A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

It’s the usual SLS Walk About, reporting on the latest developments in hardware, right here at VR-Zone!

Finally we saw an ATi card that has the potential to take down the strong
Nvidia mid range market. Touted to be a 6600GT killer, the Powercolor X800GT
is meant to target at the mid range mass market. Built from the high end X850
family, with 1/2 of the pipelines disabled, it is certainly ATi’s best bet
against the "designed for mid range" 6600GT. Though this card is found at
, at $ 329, VR-Zone members could get this card at a
discounted price
. Check
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Powercolor X800GT retail A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The Powercolor X800GT, from the top. Available only in PCIe configuration.


Powercolor X800GT retail2 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The RAMs present on the card. Samsung GDDR3 2.0ns memory!


Powercolor X800GT retail3 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

Dual DVI for this model. Usually a feature for the high end card, this X800GT
spots such I/O too.


Powercolor X800GT retail4 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

A large fan on this X800GT. Larger then those X800 and X800XL parts.


Powercolor X800GT retail5 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

Very solid mounting of the heatsink via such spring loaded screws, to provide
excellent contact on the core.


Powercolor X800GT retail6 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The packaging of this X800GT.