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A Walk About SLS (13-8-2005)

For those who want to own piece

For those who want to own piece of the latest technology from Nvidia, yet is
unwilling to blow on a 7800 GTX, here’s something for you. The Leadtek
Winfast PX 7800 GT
is the first 7800 GT to lend on the retail shelves in SLS.
Priced relatively low at $ 799, it wont burn a large pocket like how the
faster brother could. VR-Zone had did a preview on this card, and more details
could be found here.
Found at Fuwell, this card is more value for money when compared
to the GTX.

The bright yellow packaging of the Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GT. A large
sticker indicates that this card comes with 18 months warranty, covered by the
local distributor, Ban Leong Technologies.


The card itself. It appears that the PCB of this 7800 GT is very different as
compared to the GTX. Also, a smaller, and slimmer heatsink fan for this 7800GT,
very much unlike those 7800 GTX.


The back of the card. Unlike the 7800 GTX, no ram chips could be found on the
back of the card.


The I/O connectors for the card. Dual DVI and the S-Video out, that doubles
up as a VIVO connector.


The fan on the Leadtek 7800GT, with a Leadtek emblem.


The sleek black Leadtek emblem on the heatsink of the card.



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