For those who want to own piece of the latest technology from Nvidia, yet is
unwilling to blow on a 7800 GTX, here’s something for you. The Leadtek
Winfast PX 7800 GT
is the first 7800 GT to lend on the retail shelves in SLS.
Priced relatively low at $ 799, it wont burn a large pocket like how the
faster brother could. VR-Zone had did a preview on this card, and more details
could be found here.
Found at Fuwell, this card is more value for money when compared
to the GTX.

leadtek 7800GT retail A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The bright yellow packaging of the Leadtek Winfast PX 7800 GT. A large
sticker indicates that this card comes with 18 months warranty, covered by the
local distributor, Ban Leong Technologies.


leadtek 7800GT retail2 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The card itself. It appears that the PCB of this 7800 GT is very different as
compared to the GTX. Also, a smaller, and slimmer heatsink fan for this 7800GT,
very much unlike those 7800 GTX.


leadtek 7800GT retail3 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The back of the card. Unlike the 7800 GTX, no ram chips could be found on the
back of the card.


leadtek 7800GT retail4 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The I/O connectors for the card. Dual DVI and the S-Video out, that doubles
up as a VIVO connector.


leadtek 7800GT retail5 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The fan on the Leadtek 7800GT, with a Leadtek emblem.


leadtek 7800GT retail6 A Walk About SLS (13 8 2005)

The sleek black Leadtek emblem on the heatsink of the card.