Recently, MSI seems to be releasing a few new motherboards, with cut down
features, and priced lower, to compete better. One of such boards is the MSI
. Unlike the K8N-SLi Platinum that was released to the market
sometime ago, this board comes with some cut down features like standard audio,
instead of the Dolby Digital EX on the Platinum model. Another distinctive
difference would be the red PCB found on the K8N SLi, while matt black found on
Platinum model. Found at DAT Computers, unfortunately, we could not get a
pricing for this board at press time.

A refreshing orange MSI packaging for this model.


A label on the box, with a summary of the key features found on this board.


A bird’s eye view of this motherboard. Red PCB for this model, unlike matt
black on the Platinum model.


The SLi switch card to toggle between SLi and Normal modes.


The chipset fan found on the K8N-SLi. It’s a disappointment to see such a
simple looking chipset fan, especially when Nforce 4 chipset could run rather
hot on load conditions.


This VIA VT6307 takes charge of the onboard Firewire connections on this


This Marvell 88E1111 chip would provide a Physical Hardware Layer to the on
chip Nforce 4 Gigabit LAN.


A Realtek ALC850 sound controller would give 7.1 sound to this board.


A rather interesting looking push button switch present on this board, that
could allow CMOS reset just by the touch of the button.


The I/O connections on this board.