The other new MSI board we found is the MSI K8N Neo 2-FX. Being
another cheaper model as compared to the more expensive MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum,
this K8N Neo 2-FX features a cheaper Nvidia Nforce 3 250GB chipset. The K8N Neo
2-FX looks exactly the same as compared to the K8N Neo 2 Platinum. The only
differences we found is perhaps just the chipset. Found at Fuwell,
and going for just $ 195, it’s a large discount, compared to the Platinum

The cool blue packaging for the K8N Neo 2-FX motherboard.


A label found on the box, giving a summary of the key features found on this


The K8N Neo 2-FX. It’s a splitting resemblance when compared to the K8N Neo 2


This Marvell 88SR3020 chip would provide a Physical Hardware Layer to the on
chip Nforce 3 250GB for SATA RAID capabilities.


The Marvell 88E1111 Physical Hardware Layer found on this board, that would
work with the Nforce 3 250GB for Gigabit LAN capabilities.


The Realtek ALC850 would provide 7.1 sound for the K8N Neo 2-FX


The I/O connectors found on this board.

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