Next, we spotted another i945G mATX board over at DAT Computers. The
is another simple, mATX board, that is also Dual Core ready. Being
traditionally Gigabyte, it also has that strong reputation of quality, this
board is no different. Almost similar in terms to the ASUS board in the previous
page, this 8I945GMF has onboard Firewire, while the ASUS board lacks of. Priced
at $ 220, it is also a very reasonable price to pay for such a product.

The Gigabyte 8I945GMF from top view.


A look at the rear I/O connectors. The presence of Firewire is indeed


For those who are interested, the silk screen of the model number on the


The usual sturdy SATA2 connector, on the Gigabyte board. No more broken SATA
ports anymore!


The PCI Express LAN controller on the board, the Marvell 88E8053 Controller.


This Realtek ALC882 takes charge of HD Audio capabilities on this board.


The usual Gigabyte ultra large Northbridge heatsink. The package also
includes a clip on fan, for this heatsink, for active cooling.


The new Gigabyte iDNA packaging for this 8I945GMF board.


A label present on the box, with a short summary of the features present on
this board.


Foxconn, a name associated to various connectors, and even casings, have
their own mATX i945G board. The Foxconn 945G7MA is based on the Intel i945G
chipset, and is similar to the Gigabyte 8I945GMF. Foxconn, being one of the
largest OEM motherboard makers on earth, it’s products definitely comes with
that peace of mind, when it comes to reliability. Priced at $ 225, this board
could be found at DAT Computers.


A top view of this Foxconn board.


The I/O connectors present on this motherboard. Firewire included!


A Broadcom BCM5788 PCIe Gigabit LAN controller could be found on this board.


A label on the packaging, with a brief summary of the features found on this


The Foxconn packaging. Note that the silver plague on the box. It really adds
that touch of class in packaging.