Of course for those who wants something more performance targeted, there is
always the Intel i945P chipset. We spotted the Gigabyte 8I945P-Pro
motherboard, based on the i945P chipset. Meant for users who want that every bit
for performance, Dual Core capabilities, features packed, yet still affordable,
this board is the board to go for. Priced at $ 275 over at DAT
, this is also another reasonable price for such product.

A bird’s eye view of the board in question, the Gigabyte 8I945P Pro.


A look at the rear I/O connectors on the board.


The large Northbridge heatsink on this board, similar to the one we
introduced on the previous page. Like wise, this there’s an included clip on
fan, for users who want active cooling on the Northbridge.


An ITE IT8212F GigaRAID controller takes charge of the additional 2 PATA
ports on the board, and giving them RAID capabilities as well.


This BroadCom BCM5789 PCIe Gigabit LAN controller takes care of the onboard
Gigabit LAN port.


The larger iDNA packaging for this 8I945P-Pro board.


A label present on the box, with a summary of key features present on this