Now that we’ve seen Geforce 7800 GTX from various reputated companies in the
previous weeks, we now see 3rd tier companies also bringing in these high end
card. Eagle Geforce 7800 GTX is one of them. However, the shocking thing
is that we that exact same reference card you find in other top brands, you get
the same with Eagle, with a much much cheaper price tag! Found at DAT
, this gem goes for $ 900 only!

Still that same old card, same fan, same PCB as compared to other more
expensive cards.


The Eagle icon, on the heatsink, distinguishes itself.


The connectors found on the card. Same dual DVI, and a S-Video out.


The back of the card.


The package of this Geforce 7800 GTX. Very great value for money indeed!


ATI had been pretty vacant on the mid-low end range of their products,
especially on AGP market. Now, it seems like they had filled up this vacant with
the Powercolor X700 AGP. Meant to compete with Nvidia’s Geforce 6600
cards, this might be the answer for ATI lovers and die hard fans. Found at
, this card goes for $ 249.


A picture of the card from top down.


This Powercolor card requires a power connector, similar to the X700 Pro AGP.


A back view of the card. The Rialto bridge is left there totally without any
form of cooling, since the bridge is extremely cool to run.


The I/O connectors. VGA, S-Video and DVI.


The heatsink is relatively simple, indicating a cooling running card.


The RAMs present on this card. 3.0ns DDR2, better then most 6600 out there.