Over at Fuwell, we saw some budget and new graphics cards. One of them
is the PowerColor Radeon 9550 256MB. The older 9550 128MB had been making
waves due to it’s overclockability, but now, budget friendly card comes with a
256MB version, for just $ 119, just $ 10 more then the 128MB


The bare card. Looks similar to the 128MB version. Comes with a fan too.


The type of RAMs found on this card.


The rear of the card.


Next, It was the Xpertvision 6600 AGP. The interesting thing about
this card is that it uses GDDR3 2.2ns BGA memory instead of the conventional
3.3ns TSOP memory. Selling at a price where most 6600 would sell, this card is a
great value for money, especially to the budget overclocking sector. Found in
, and priced at $ 219


The card itself.


This is how the card looks like without the heatsink. Generous amount of
thermal paste applied on both the core and the bridge. Also, the BGA memory
could be seen here.


A close up of the BGA memory. 2.2ns DDR3 from Infineon.


Next, over at ATF Multimedia, we spotted the ASUS X700 PCIe.
Being a budget card, together with ASUS’s name in relability, and of course, the
sound 3 years warranty, this is one of the best budget ATi based card anyone
could find. Going for $ 199, this is one great bang for buck card.


The box of the ASUS X700. This card is being distributed by SIS Technologies,
a new name for ASUS’s in Singapore, but offers fantastic support literally.


The card itself. Being bare and simple, it keeps costs down.


The type of RAMs to be found on this great card. 4.0ns Samsung DDR1 memory.


The back of the card.