While gaming remains one of the biggest markets for computers and computer
related products, many new and innovative products had since introduced for that
extra gaming potential. D-Link did just that. Over at ATF Multimedia, we
found the all new D-Link DGL-4300 Gaming Router, powered by Game Fuel
Priority Technology. Specially tuned for network gaming, and reducing any
latencies common on networks, D-Link had made something just for gamers. Priced
at just $ 299, it is small price to pay for that extra gaming fun.
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*Edit, the router was $ 299, instead of $ 99 stated previously, very sorry for
the typo error.

dlink DGL 4300 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

The packing with a picture of the Gaming router.


dlink DGL 4300 2 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

Some features of the gaming router as stated on the back of the box.


Ever wanted a router that could satisfy your needs even when you are in a
multi storey house, or even when you’re in an office, but require high speed,
and long range WiFi transmission? Now with NetGear WPN824, this is fully
possible. With 7 internal antennas, and also, a range up to 100x of the
conventional "G" router, this router is one of the best consumer router anyone
could get. Also, this model, unlike other brands, could take the standard older
"B" and "G" signals.  For more information on NetGear’s MIMO technology,
and RangeMax, please visit
here. Priced
at $ 235 this could be found at ATF Multimedia.


netgear WPN824 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

The box with a picture of the router. The center portion lights up with
running lights. Quite a looker for a router.


netgear WPN824 2 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

Some short specs on the side of the box.


netgear WPN824 3 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

A short explanation of MIMO technology, and RangeMax on the back of the box


netgear WPN824 4 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

A picture of the router running. The glowing blue right is pretty cool I must


Still at ATF Multimedia, we found some new Logitech products. One of them is
the Logitech 2.4Ghz Cordless Presenter. Great for business presentations, this
presenter device even comes with a built in LCD timer, so you could keep track
of your speech timings. Of course, with standard features like start/end slide
show, next slide, and end slide buttons, this Presenter device works on a 2.4Ghz
radio frequency, giving extra range of up to 50 feet, good for large
presentation venues. This product is priced at $ 149.


logitech presenter A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)  

The packaging of the 2.4Ghz Presenter.


logitech presenter2 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

The back of the packaging, with some information on some of the key features
of this product.


Also, in ATF Multimedia, we found the all new Logitech Webcam Communicate STX.
Comes with a high quality 1.3 Megapixel sensor for still pictures, and 640 x 480
resolution for video capture, this camera also comes with an integrated
microphone, and also, a clip, that works with most CRT/LCD displays. Compatible
with all Instant Messaging (IM) software, this little wonder is priced at $ 99.

logitech webcam stx A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

The front of the packaging.


logitech webcam stx2 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

The back of the box, with some features of this product.


logitech webcam stx3 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

On the side of the box, teaching you how to choose the correct webcam for
your needs.


logitech webcam stx4 A Walk About SLS (18 6 2005)

Some specifications of this webcam.