For those who are interested in building very extremely small footprint
systems, here’s something made for you. The Albatron PM800 Pro motherboard,
based on VIA PM800 chipset (for Intel P4), is actually a Micro ATX board. But
the interesting thing about this board is that it’s actually smaller then all
other Micro ATX board we’ve ever seen. Priced at $ 119, and found at Cybermind,
this interesting board is a steal!

albatron pm800pro A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

The packaging of the Albatron PM800. From the size of this box, you might
mistake it for a Graphics Card packaging.


albatron pm800pro2 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

A label found on the packaging, with a rough summary of what’s included on
this board.


albatron pm800pro3 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

The board itself. This board is just slightly larger then those high end
graphics card. One of the noticeable difference with this board, is the missing
floppy connector. It seems that Albatron had already ditched the idea of floppy


albatron pm800pro4 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

The VIA VT8237 Southbridge present on the board. It gives control of the 2
SATA ports, and also RAID capabilities on those ports too.


albatron pm800pro6 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

The rear I/O connectors available on the board.


albatron pm800pro7 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

A very large passive heatsink cools the VIA PM800 Northbridge.


albatron pm800pro8 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

This VIA VT6103L takes charge of the 10/100Mbps LAN connection.


albatron pm800pro9 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

The Realtek ALC655 chipset would take control of the onboard 6 Channel Audio.


albatron pm800pro10 A Walk About SLS (23 7 2005)

The motherboard’s heatsink mounting clips are secured by a large bracket, to
prevent warping of the board. Well done in this area!