Also in Cybermind, we found this new Albatron K8NF4X motherboard. Based on
the newer, and cheaper Nvidia Nforce 4-4X chipset, this board is a great board
for the simple, no frills user who want something reasonably priced. Also a very
small Micro ATX board, this board might be the answer for demanding users, yet
want a small footprint. Priced at $ 169, this is really well priced.

The packaging of the Albatron K8NF4X.


The label of the K8NF4X, with a brief summary of the key features found on
this board.


The board, from top down. An interesting note, is that the PCB appears to be
the same one as the K8SLI that we
reviewed a while ago.


One of the down points about this board, the Chipset is placed too near the
CPU chipset. Due to this, many aftermarket cooling solutions won’t fit on this


Since it’s the same PCB as the K8SLI, the 2nd slot is actually printed on the
PCB, but it only has a X1 slot. Anyone game to solder slots? 🙂






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