A Walk About SLS (6-8-2005)

avatar A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

It’s the usual SLS Walk About, brought to you by VR-Zone!

It’s the weekend again, and here, VR-Zone brings you the latest finds around
Sim Lim Square.

Over at DAT Computers, we found the ASUS CT-479 Socket Converter. With this device, Users can plug in a
Pentium M / Celeron M (mPGA-479) CPU onto selected regular desktop
mPGA-478 socket motherboards by Asus. Overclockers would love this product as Pentium M chips are powerful and has low heat output. Normal users or
even upgraders who already have a supporting ASUS board might want to consider an upgrade, as this adaptor only costs $ 80, which is a very good deal!

asus CT479 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

The packaging for this ASUS CT-479.

asus CT479 2 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

The socket converter itself.

asus CT479 3 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

The back of the converter. The user would plug these pins onto their

asus CT479 4 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

An additional 4 pin floppy power connector is required for the operation of
this converter.

asus CT479 5 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

Also included, a heatsink fan that is specially made for this converter card.

asus CT479 6 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

Due to the size restriction on the converter board, the power connector is
placed very close to the socket. Thus, ASUS had included this special fan, that
would allow the power connector to be fitted, together with a decent heatsink.

asus CT479 7 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

Some of the support processors that would work with this product.

asus CT479 8 A Walk About SLS (6 8 2005)

The back of the CT-479 package.

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