Next, we found a really value for money LGA 775, over at DAT Computers.
The MSI PM8M2-V motherboard is based on the VIA PM800 chipset, with
integrated VIA Unichrome Pro graphics. A great alternative to the relatively
more expensive Intel i915G based motherboard, this MSI PM8M2-V could get that
bang for buck status. Priced at $ 115, it’s priced alot lower then
most Intel chipset based motherboard.

The MSI PM8M2-V from top down.

The Southbridge of this board, with the newer VIA VT8237R, supporting SATA
RAID on the 2 SATA ports onboard.

A pretty small heatsink for the Northbridge, a symbol of relatively cool
running Northbridge?

The Realtek RTL8201CL Physical Hardware Layer, to harness the onboard LAN
abilities from the VIA chipset.

The Realtek ALC655 sound controller would take control of the onboard 6
channel sound.

The silkscreen of the model name on the board. No mention of PCB revision or
board revision over here.

A large chunk of heatsink on the MOSFETs, near the CPU area, to dissipate
excessive heat generated from these MOSFETs.

A label on the motherboard packaging, with a short summary on the key
features found on the board.

The box for the PM8M2-V. The usual “V-Class” design, like the rest of the
boards of the “V” family.