Over at Fuwell, we found the Leadtek DUO PX6600GT. The Leadtek DUO PX6600GT is factory overclocked, with clockspeeds of 550Mhz/1120Mhz. One of the distinctive
difference about this card, as compared to other cards, is the ability to work
on all Nvidia SLi based motherboards. Unlike solutions from other brands which
requires a both the graphics card and the motherboard of the same brand to work,
Leadtek totally does not have this prerequisite. Priced at $ 699,
this card is a piece of SLi technology at it’s best.

The card itself. Due to it’s 2 core configuration, this card is made to be
longer then others.


The back of the card. The metal plate is just for securing the massive front
heatsink, not for cooling.


This card comes with Dual DVI output on it’s I/O connector.


For those who want multiple monitors setup, they could connect the included
VGA I/O header onto these ports, and have 2 additional VGA connector. To users
who isn’t interested in performance, they could connect up to 4 monitors just
with 1 graphics card!


A 6 pin PCIe Graphics power connection is needed for the operation of this


The trademark Leadtek packaging for this Duo PX6600GT.


To those who have been looking out for a budget ATi solution, We present to you the Sapphire Radeon X550 a sub S$ 200 dollar card. Based on ATi Radeon X550 chipset, it is similarr ATi Radeon X300 core, with higher clocks of 400MHz
for core and 500MHz for memory (DDR). This card is available at Cybermind
for $ 189.

The packaging of the Sapphire Radeon X550. Cute alien they have there 🙂


A bird’s eye view of the card.


The memory onboard this Radeon X550. DDR1 4ns TSOP memory from Hynix.


The I/O connectors present on the card. DVI, VGA and a S-Video out.