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A Walk around Sim Lim Square (15th April 2005)

Another quiet week had passed, and VR-Zone began their weekly walks around SLS again. Click here to keep updated in the technological trends around Sim Lim Square!

A quiet week had once passed again, and now, it’s time for another dosage of
VR-Zone’s weekly SLS guide. First, we take a look at some stunning new graphics
cards available this week:

Leadtek had introduced the PX6600GT Extreme SLi Premium Pack, and now,
they’ve went on another level, with PX6800GT SLi Premium Pack. Spotted at
Fuwell, with an cool price tag of SGD$ 1499, you get 2
special 6800GT (Single slot version), and an SLi bridge.

The box of this Pack. Very large box indeed.

The pair of card. Aren’t it gorgeous? Special single slot solution, so no
worries of it not being able to fit in your new SLi board. Also, that provided
SLi bridge, for those who already have the DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D, you could
close just 2 connection electrically, and have this card fitted with SLi!

Next, we have the XpertVision X800 PCIe. From the folks at
Convergent Systems
, this card is targeted at the budget group, who wants
the most out of their $ 500 budget. Available at most Sim Lim Square retailers,
this card is made to bang for buck.  


The pretty red card. Comes with a huge aluminum heatsink that resembles those
X800Pro/XT cards. Featuring 256MB of 2.0ns DDR3 memory, this card seems to be
one of the first to be a non-referenced designed card. 

The back of the card. A single large heatsink, covering the back of the VPU,
and also, the hot rams too.





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