Vr-Zone takes time off from work and as usual, we took a walk around SLS and here we bring to you another issue of our weekly SLS feeds.

It had been a busy and bustling week for VR-Zone, but nevertheless, we
continue to deliver more insights around Singapore’s best techno-shopping
center, Sim Lim Square.

First in the list, Powercolour X800 PCIe. Spotted at Fuwell,
this is one of the best mid-high end card around. In both 128MB and 256MB
versions, priced at a very competitively of $ 409 for the 128MB
version, and $ 479 for the 256MB version, this card is sure very
tempting to many: 

The box of the card mentioned. Comes in both 128MB (GDDR1) and 256 (1.6ns
GDDR3) flavors. Picture here, the 256MB, 1.6ns Bravo Edition.

The card. It comes with a very sleek Powercolour heatsink, very pretty

The RAMs found on the card. Nothing but the best stuff over here, 1.6ns GDDR3

The rear of the card. Do note that there is the Rage Theater chip present,
full VIVO functions are available on this card! Impressive value!

The connectors. Dual DVI for this card. Usually, this feature would only be
found on top end cards…