Next, over at ATF Multimedia, we found the Gigabyte 3D1-XL
bundle. Noted as the cheaper, brother of the original 3D1 bundle, this “XL”
version features a special 3D1-XL Dual SLied 6600 (non GT) on a single PCB.
Priced at $ 839, it is nearly $ 100 off the older, faster brother:


The very bombastic packaging of the 3D1-XL bundle. In a pretty orange box,
this is simple eye catching.

You could open up the box and take a look at colorful illustrations of the
product. In this bundle, you’ll get the 3D1-XL graphics card, and also, the
GA-K8N-Ultra-SLi motherboard (The 3D1-XL requires Gigabyte’s K8N-Ultra-SLi
before it could work in SLi mode)

The very pretty card. 1 single heatsink/fan design solution to cool both
cores. A very efficient design indeed.

The rear of the card.