Your weekly SLS feeds, only at VR-Zone

Our weekly SLS feeds!

The whole range of Silverstone HTPC cases for ATX/mATX motherboards spotted
at Prolink Data! The distributor, Nice Day, did not bring in the ITX series
of the Silverstone casings though, edue to low demands.

An ATX casing with Tiger pattern cloth stuck on found at Chamoxa! Innovative!
Anyone who wants a break from conventional mono color casings might want to
get one of these.

Finally, Lightscribe DVD-R Media is available in Singapore! Available at Chamoxa,
you are able to buy the media in packs of 20 or by the piece.

Pretty reasonably priced, the Lightscribe Medias are priced at $ 1.50 and $ 2.50
per piece respectively.

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