Next, at Bell Systems Electronics, we found the Sapphire X850 Pro
Retailing at $ 795, this card is a step down the fastest
brother, the X850XT. This card features 12 pixel pipelines (as opposed to 16 on
the X850XT), and have a core clock of 500Mhz, and a 1.04Ghz of memory clock,
this certainly is the budget high-end.

sapphire X850Pro A Walk Around SLS (29 4 2005)

The trademark "Alien" packaging. Seems like all Sapphire has similar

sapphire X850Pro2 A Walk Around SLS (29 4 2005)

The card itself. While the PCB resembles the X850XT, the fan looks like it’s
from an X800XL. From this, we could conclude that this card might be a cool
running one.


sapphire X850Pro3 A Walk Around SLS (29 4 2005)

The rear of the card. The ATi Rage Theater chip is present, indicating VIVO
functionality. Also, RAM chips are covered nicely with the help of a


sapphire X850Pro4 A Walk Around SLS (29 4 2005)

The connectors present on the card. Pretty standard with a VGA, a Component
out, and a DVI port.

sapphire X850Pro5 A Walk Around SLS (29 4 2005)

The Fins on the heatsink. Like the X800XL, it is pretty fine. Also, like the
X850XT brother, a 6pin PCIe power connector is required for this card.