Next, at Bell Systems Electronics, we found the Sapphire X850 Pro
Retailing at $ 795, this card is a step down the fastest
brother, the X850XT. This card features 12 pixel pipelines (as opposed to 16 on
the X850XT), and have a core clock of 500Mhz, and a 1.04Ghz of memory clock,
this certainly is the budget high-end.

The trademark "Alien" packaging. Seems like all Sapphire has similar

The card itself. While the PCB resembles the X850XT, the fan looks like it’s
from an X800XL. From this, we could conclude that this card might be a cool
running one.


The rear of the card. The ATi Rage Theater chip is present, indicating VIVO
functionality. Also, RAM chips are covered nicely with the help of a


The connectors present on the card. Pretty standard with a VGA, a Component
out, and a DVI port.

The Fins on the heatsink. Like the X800XL, it is pretty fine. Also, like the
X850XT brother, a 6pin PCIe power connector is required for this card.