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A Walk Around SLS (29-4-2005)

After talking a look at the ThermalTake Amour sometime ago, we found the
Thermaltake Kandalf.
Found at Bell System Electronics, and priced at
$ 379, it is 1 super tower casing that power users might want to
consider. Fully steel structure, this casing is made for that sturdy and stable

The case. If you ask me, this large casing resembles a large subwoofer…

The Kandalf once the front panel is opened. Pretty similar to the Amour. Do
note that there is a "drawer" compartment on the last bay, mainly used for
storing small items like screws etc.


Talking about screws, the Kandalf comes with massive oversized thumb screws
for easy removal and installation.


The inside look at the bays. Many 5 1/4 inch bays, and the ability to convert
these bays into 3.5" bays for hard disks. Similar concept as the Coolermaster
Stacker case.


The rear profile of the case. comes with a 80mm fan (you could install 4 more
hard disks over there!) and a 120mm fan exhaust. the PSU is positioned in a
rather weird, but novel way, to maximize space.


Talk about Thermaltake, who would forget their Purepower PSU, featuring
really pretty pre-sleeved cables of the rainbow colours? Now, with their newest
incarnation of this product line, the Thermaltake Purepower 680W. For
those who wants power at their disposal, this PSU is interesting to have. Found
at Fuwell, and priced at $ 299, it’s for users who wants
power at their disposal. Thanks to our forum moderator, Booest, for a tip off on
this product. 🙂

Some specs available on the PSU. 38A of combined 12V, seems powerful…


The bunch of very pretty rainbow coloured power connectors. 10 standard 4 pin
molexs, 2 PCI Express power connectors, 4 SATA power connectors, 2 floppy power
connectors, a 24pin ATX 2.0 power connector, and 4 pin ATX +12 power






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