Another walk around, introducing you the latest stuff from our Premier IT hypermart, Sim Lim Square today.

At our first stop, ATF multimedia, we spotted three storage devices from Seagate.
First, on the left, there is the Seagate Pocket USB pocket hard drive, very
suitable for road warriors who’s looking for high capacity ultra portable storage.
Next, in the center is the push button backup 400GB external backup solution
from Seagate, USB and IEE1394 compatible, and the drive’s spinning at a whooping
7200RPM! finally, there is the 40GB external USB hard drive, for users who are
looking for a balance between capacity and size.

A whole bunch of storage devices on the display shelves of Storage studio.
the list, going in clockwise order from the top left.

  • IDE to SATA converter bridge board
  • SATA to firewire bridge
  • SATA to PCMCIA bridge
  • Firewire 800 PCMCIA card
  • SATA to IDE bridge
  • USB to IDE Bridge

A closer look at the SATA PCMCIA Cardbus