Television junkies will be in love with this new product we’ve found in Sim
Lim Square this week. The Leadtek DTV2000H is a TV Tuner card that allows
the tuning in of both Digital TV and Analog TV channels. While there has been
solutions that address either the standard Analog TV or Digital TV, but this
is one of the first affordable dual purpose PCI card. In Singapore, most of
MediaCorp’s free to air channels are already available in Digital TV signals.
This TV card goes for just $ 139, available at Fuwell.


leadtek dtv200h  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006)

This is the packaging of the Leadtek DTV 2000H. Being a small
package, the contents sure pack a punch. Yes, this card comes with the standard
2 years distributor warranty, just like any other Leadtek product.


leadtek dtv200h2  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006)

This is how the card looks like. The metal can portion of the
card caters to the Analog segment, while the the smaller chip caters for the
Digital Video Broadcast functions.


leadtek dtv200h3  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006)

Here’s the range of I/O ports that’s available on the card.
The connectors include TV RF for Antenna (for Analog only), TV RF for Cable
(Analog + Digital), FM RF input, input for remote controller, output for Audio,
and a 9 pin DIN for Video in.


leadtek dtv200h4  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006) 

This is the demodular/decoder chip for the Digital Video
Broadcast – Terrestrial (DVB-T).


leadtek dtv200h5  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006)

The larger Conexant CX23881 chipset is responsible for the
Audio / Video capturing functions on this card.


leadtek dtv200h6  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006)

Just like all other TV tuners available, this DTB2000H comes
with a rather comprehensive remote controller that can do just about anything
related to TV tuning.


leadtek dtv200h7  A Walkabout in SLS (1 4 2006)

These are the remaining cables that Leadtek provides for this
package. A IR remote sensor, an FM antenna, and a video capture cable is