As for the higher end family of the newly launched 7 series, there are a few
7900GT/GTXs that appeared this week. One of the cards that made to the retail
shelves this week is the MSI Geforce 7900GT. Selling at a rather low
price of just $ 589, it might be one of the cheapest 7900GT on sale, with
a 2 year distributor’s warranty. As per MSI’s tradition, this card does not
offers any form of pre-overclocking out of the box. For those who’re interested,
you can catch this card at Fuwell.

This is the packaging of the MSI Geforce 7900GT. Although it
didn’t have a very big packaging, it has a handle for easy carrying.


This is how the MSI Geforce 7900GT looks like from top down.
The PCB of the card is exactly the same as the reference NVIDIA card. However,
they’ve bothered to changed the heatsink emblem to MSI’s unique "NX7900GT" –
which looked pretty nice to me at least.


The I/O outputs on this card is no stranger – Dual DVI
supporting Dual Link DVI output, and the conventional TV-Out.


The heatsink design is similar to those found on the 7600GT,
which includes copper folded fins, and a radial at the lower left corner.


The memory chips on the card are like these pictured – Samsung
1.4ns GDDR 3 memories.


This is how the back of the card looks like. Once again, no
major components are placed here.


Just as what’s stated on the box, the local distributor of MSI
(Corbell Technology) is giving away $ 10 NTUC shopping vouchers for every 7900GT




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