Presumably, it is the largest page in the web, 1 mile high and 800 feet wide (or 1.6km x 250m), and rightly so, since it has to fit in every single one of the 7 billion inhabitants of this planet.

7billionworld is an iconographic representation of the globe’s entire population, with tiny little people colored according to their continent and individually numbered. Each line has 40,000 people colored according to the Olympic rings color convention: yellow colored ones are in Asia, black in Africa, red in America, blue in Europe and green in Oceania (which proves to be surprisingly under-populated). Although the idea is simple and obvious, it is interesting to see how small we are in the whole picture.

That's me!

The other interesting thing is that this huge webpage takes a jiffy to load despite its size. The code behind the 7 billion little earthlings is simple and small (only 13KB thanks to the CSS background properties), so don’t hesitate to take a look and locate your little self in there.

Just how big this page is…

 Source: 7billionworld