The X-718 is well designed ergonomically. The contours of the mouse have been tailored to comfortably fit the contours of a normal hand, making it comfortable even after using it to play games for several hours. Of note are the sides of the mouse, which have been designed such that the thumb and last finger can grasp the sides comfortably.

The left and right mouse buttons are easy to press, but not so sensitive that one ends up accidentally pressing them. They feel a little too plastic to the touch, but this is a rather subjective point. Meanwhile, the side buttons are also well placed, just above the thumb area. They are easily depressed as well.

The scroll wheel is smooth and accurate. The DPI button does take some getting used to because of its unusual position below the scroll wheel, requiring one to bend one’s middle finger to press it, but it is otherwise well placed since it is not going to be used that often.