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A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse

The A4Tech X-750F comes in a largely black box that is reminiscient of Razer packaging. The usual marketing messages are unsurprisingly plastered all over.

A PS/2 to USB adapter and a driver CD are included with the mouse.

The first thing that one notices about the mouse is the conspicuously placed red 3xFire button placed just next to the left mouse button. Apart from this, the X-750F looks nearly identical to the X-718 we reviewed here.

The X-750F we received was black in colour. According to A4Tech’s website, there is a white one available as well. The black surface is quite smooth and reflective, as you can see from the photos. There are also two reflective ‘stripes’ running down the mouse, which seem more aesthetic than anything else.

The left mouse buttons merge seamlessly into the rest of the surface, as seen here. The DPI-adjustment button is located just below the mouse wheel, which lights up according to the current DPI setting.

There are two side buttons located on the left side, just below the metallic-looking strip. Just below that is a rubberized area which appears to be intended as a grip for your thumb.

The underside of the mouse reveals the 2500dpi laser sensor that the X-750F uses for tracking. The X-750F uses a Agilent 6010 laser sensor, which provides 7080fps according to Agilent. It does not emit much visible light during use, only a small line of laser if you look carefully.

The label on the underside lists the usual regulatory statements, and more importantly the DPI settings and their matching colour on the mousewheel LED.The mousewheel light is turned off at 600dpi, turns green at 800dpi and so on as the DPI button is pressed. At 2000dpi and 2500dpi, the mousewheel light flashes intermittently between the two colours shown on the label.

The USB plug is gold plated, which is a nice touch, but doesn’t really have any practical use.

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