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A4Tech X-750F Laser Gaming Mouse


The X-750F is of average size, and fits easily into the hand. This mouse appears to be designed for right-handed use only, as is evident in the positioning of the side buttons and the rubber grip, so left-handed users would want to stay away from this mouse.

The surface of the mouse has a slightly ‘plasticky’ feeling to it. This point is quite subjective, and while I got used to it after some time, others may not like this feeling.

The 3xFire button intrudes slightly upon the left mouse button area. While those with average sized fingers are unlikely to have a problem with accidentally pressing this button, others with larger fingers may want to take note ot this. There is also a rubber grip for the thumb just below the two side buttons as depicted below. This doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in my opinion, but then again this kind of thing is quite subjective.

Besides these, there isn’t anything much we could find wrong with this mouse in terms of ergonomics. For me, the X-750F remained quite comfortable even after a reasonable period of usage.


I tried the X-750F is several different games.

Overall, the mouse was responsive. However, having used a 1600dpi gaming mouse for the past year or so, I did not really feel any difference between

The on-the-fly DPI switching does come in useful in certain situations, but for the most part I did not use it much in the middle of a game.

At the higher DPI settings, I found that the mouse was simply too sensitive to be of much use. In order to use the higher DPI settings at an reasonable sensitivity, I had to move the sensitivity slider in the control panel down (it is set in the middle by default).

The steps between DPI settings are a little too large in my opinion, and certainly not for fine tuning. It would also be nice if A4Tech would add an onscreen indication of the DPI change after pressing the button, as it is quite troublesome to check beneath your finger to see the colour of the mousewheel  in the middle of a game.

The usefulness of the 3xFire button is largely dependent on the game you are playing. In Counter-Strike for example, this comes in quite useful because (from my rather amateurish knowledge of CS) players usually fire only 2-3 bullets at once to prevent excessive recoil. However, in Unreal Tournament 2004, the 3xFire button was quite pointless because the weapons are either the constant spraying type or the type that fires one shot at a time and requires skill and timing. (Of course, there might be uses for it I haven’t discovered.)

The mousewheel works fine, but is a little too soft and loose in my opinion.

Additionally, the laser sensor allows one to use the X-750F on almost any surface. It worked out for me even on glass!

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