13 ABIT AV8 Review

The ABIT AV8 uses the standard ATX form factor and is built on the orange colored PCB that we’ve seen ABIT use on their motherboards over the last few months.

4 ABIT AV8 Review

The board supports large heatsinks like the Swiftech MX462-V by making sure there is enough room between the board’s capacitors and CPU socket.

5 ABIT AV8 Review

Unlike most K8T800 Pro boards we’ve seen, the AV8 has the 24-pin motherboard power connector right next to the four pin P4 power connector on the left side of the board.

8 ABIT AV8 Review

The VIA K8T800 Pro northbridge is passively cooled with a small heatsink.

12 ABIT AV8 Review

In another differentiation from reference design, the AV8’s four DDR memory banks do not have a space between them to signify dual channel memory support. Instead, dual channel memory is enabled when paired memory modules are placed in the first two memory banks.

6 ABIT AV8 Review

The AV8 has the standard 5 PCI slot and one AGP slot design, with no "Multimedia" slots that were included with the ASUS and MSI K8T800 Pro boards we tested earlier.

11 ABIT AV8 Review

ABIT was one of the first manufacturers to have their IDE connectors facing the right side of their boards, a move that’s designed to make installations easier and to free up more room on the motherboard.

7 ABIT AV8 Review

Here we can see the board’s µGuru chip, a chip that provides on the fly overclocking and motherboard manipulation in Windows.

10 ABIT AV8 Review

The A8V’s I/O connections include the standard ps/2, com, and parallel ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE 1394 Firewire port, SPDI/F in/out, Gigabit Ethernet, and 5.1 channel audio outputs.