The ABIT AV8 is running the familiar Phoenix-AwardBIOS we’ve seen on ABIT’s motherboards the last few years.

Most of the tweaking is done in the µGuru Utility section, which allows for overclocking and voltage modifications. The CPU voltage can be taken up to 1.85V, memory voltage up to 2.8V, HyperTransport voltage up to 1.4V, Northbridge voltage up to 1.65V, and AGP voltage up to 1.65V. The AV8’s overclocking section has the most voltage options we’ve seen in a Athlon 64 motherboard thus far, a fact that overclockers will be very interested in.

In the ABIT EQ section of the µGuru Utility, there are a few sub-menus that allow for system monitoring. One is the standard temperature monitoring screen, which gives you a temperature reading, and the standard shutdown and warning temperature settings.

The FanEQ control section allows you to control the board’s CPU fan speed.

The Voltage Monitoring section is among the most thorough we’ve seen in any Athlon 64 motherboard, giving you voltage readings of every important voltage setting, along with a warning and shutdown option.

And finally in the ABIT EQ section of the µGuru Utility we have a standard Fan Speed Monitoring section, allowing you to see how fast the fans attached to the motherboard are spinning at.

And finally the last screen that is of importance is the DRAM Configuration screen from the Advanced Chipset Features section. Here you can manually adjust memory timings.