board ABIT AW8 Max Mainboard Review

A look at the board itself. notice the Q-OTES chipset heatsink.

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(From top down)
1) The chipsinks found on the MOSFETs in the PWM area. Pretty nifty as heat
tends to build up a bit on them during load.
2) the Q-OTES chipset heatsink in detail.. Due to weight of chipsink, there
is a backplane securing the chipsink behind the board.
3) The copper heatsink dissipating heat on behalf of the chipset heatsink. A
good design as heat does not stay in the case, instead, it goes out of the case.
4) Copper strips present on the underside of the mainboard, in charge of dissipating
heat from the critical components on the mainboard.

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1) The Diagnostic LEDs and the Abit uGuru chip. Notice the holes for securing
the mainboard to the case. it’s coated with copper.
2) The Firewire Controller and LLC by Texas Instruments, found at the bottom
of the board. As noted on Abit Mainboards, the position of the floppy connector
leaves much to be desired, but then again, how many users actually uses floppies
3) The Southbridge Heatsink with the Abit emblem and the 4 SATA-II ports provided
by the native ICH7R.

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1) The pair of Broadcom BCM5789 PCI-Express Gigabit NICs found onboard
2) the 2 SATA ports provided by the SIlicon SIL3132 PCI-Express SATA2 Controller.
the chip towards the left is the IDTCV153, a P4 Clock generator by IDT.