The accessories that came along with the Abit AW8-Max, In the first picture,
you see a mainboard layout sticker, A driver installation CD, a Quick Installation
Guide, a uGuru Manual, the mainboard manual and two diskettes containing the
drivers for the Silicon Image and Native SATA raid found onboard.
Next, there is a total of 6 SATA-II cables included in the package, along with
1 molex to 2 drives power converters. One floppy and one UV reactive IDE cable
was also included, along with the IO plate, a Bracket with 2 USB ports and 2
Firewire B ports, and finally, an optical TOSlink cable with a 3.5mm jack adaptor.

A closer look at the IO plate.

The two Firewire b ports and the 2 USB ports on the bracket.

The Abit Audiomax Daughtercard, placed offboard to minimise noise from the
electronic components found onboard. Abit has claimed that the SNR ratio can
reach >95dB with the Audiomax Daughtercard. Utilising the Realtek 882M Codec
which is essentially HD-Audio ready, The daughterboard utilises Intel’s Azalia
high definition sound provided by the chipset, along with a whole range of inputs
and outputs. As you can see in the accessory list provided at the beginning
of the page, Abit has provided a SPDIF cable along with the board. The daughtercard
provides SPDIF out and in capabilities, along with the blue jack and the optical
out as shown in the picture above.

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