A Molex power port lies just above the first PCIE 1x slot. You find the 8-pin 12v ATX power port beside the Northbridge, which is kind of a detested position for some who like to route cables neatly.


Red and Black Memory DIMM slots, with the 24pin ATX power port beside, at the end.

The DDR2 Memory Voltage Regulation area


Above shows the CPU socket area. You see that the socket is not fully packed with Decoupling capacitors, enough to meet specifications, but not over engineered. The CPU runs on 4 phase power regulation. Richtek RT8820 is the PWM controller for the CPU. A black heatsink covers the power MOSFETs.

Removing it, we see that a thick Grey thermal pad is used to transfer heat from MOSFETs to heatsink. 3 MOSFETs per phase and that is a pretty healthy configuration as each MOSFETs thus has to hold lesser load and run cooler in the process.

Realtek ALC888 High Definition Audio Codec and Winbond W83627DHG I/O Controller chips seen below: