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ABIT IC7-G & IS7-G GigaSystem Boards Review

Common Board
Features :

and IS7-G share pretty similar features on their
boards but their components layout are quite

boards are each fitted with Rubycon Ultra Low ESR
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors to provide
additional stability of CPU power. The CPU voltage
regulating is controlled by the Intersil ISL6556B
and the DIMM voltage regulating is controlled by
Winbond W83303D.


chipset cooler is probably the most distinct
feature at one glance on the boards. ABIT called
it FanEQ where the fan speed is adjustable within
the BIOS. If the heatsink can be made taller with
more fins, it would be better since it gets rather
hot during overclocking.


952607EF is a new clock generator for 800Mhz FSB
P4 and Prescott processor that supports up to
412Mhz FSB and provides a series of CPU:PCI and
CPU:DRAM ratio settings. This clock generator can
be found on other 875P and 865 boards as well.


Instruments TSB43AB23 IEEE1394a controller can
support three IEEE Std 1394a-2000 fully compliant
cable ports at 100M bits/s, 200M bits/s, and 400M


Realtek ALC650 is an 18-bit, full duplex AC’97
2.2 compatible stereo audio CODEC. It supports
full surround sound 6.1 configuration with a
maximum of 6 separate or discrete channels
(Left, Right, Center, SL, SR and Sub).


Southbridge on both boards is Intel 82801ER
(ICH5R) with 460 solder balls in Micro Ball Grid
Array (MBGA) package. ICH5R integrates an Ultra
ATA 100 controller that supports 2 x ATA-100
ports, 2 Serial ATA host controllers for 2 x
150MB/s SATA ports, one EHCI host controller,
and four UHCI host controllers supporting 8
external USB 2.0 ports, AC ’97 digital
controller, integrated LAN controller, an ASF
controller and a hub interface for communication
with the MCH.


Silicon Image’s SiI 3112 is a host controller
supporting new Serial ATA devices for the high
data transfer rates of 1.5 Gbps burst. The SiI
3112 can support two independent Serial ATA
devices. There are 2 S-ATA connectors beside to
each connect to one S-ATA hard drive. Since Sil
3112 is register compatible with parallel ATA,
therefore you can use the ABIT SERILLEL2
converter comes with the IC7-G package and
provides 2 more channel for IDE devices.


The back panel
multi IO consists of the PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2
Mouse Connectors, 1 Parallel Port (EPP/ECP), 1
Serial Port, Audio connectors (Center/Subwoofer,
Surround Speaker, Front Speaker, Line-in,
MIC-in), 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 RJ45 LAN connector,
1 Firewire port.

An additional cable
provided in the package for another 2 Firewire
ports and 2 USB ports.



major difference lies in the usage of different
Gigabit Ethernet chip. ABIT IC7-G uses Intel
82547EI that enables full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet
performance using CSA. IS7-G on the other hand
uses 3Com


Gigabit Ethernet that built on Marvell’s PHY.
However, the downside of using 3Com GbE is of
course without the having the

benefits of CSA

As we
have already mentioned in our

Canterwood review
, 875P and 865 are basically
made of the same piece of silicon. Those dies
which are verified to work at a better timing will
be branded as 875P and those who failed will be
the 865. Note that they are packaged differently
eventually with different pin counts (1005 vs 932)
although both are on FCBGA.


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