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ABIT IC7-G & IS7-G GigaSystem Boards Review

Features :

IC7-G and IS7-G are using Phoenix AwardBIOS and
enhanced with SoftMenu Setup where you can adjust
the FSB, PCI and AGP ratios, Voltages etc. IC7-G
was flashed with the IC713 BIOS dated 05/19 while
IS7-G was flashed with the IS7G13.B03 Beta BIOS
supporting PAT.

boards allow FSB adjustments of up to 412Mhz FSB
in 1Mhz intervals.

can adjust the multiplier freely from 8x and
12x-15x if you have an Engineering sample

CPU strap mode can be selected as Processor System
Bus PSB400, 533, 667 and 800MHz. This will affect
the DRAM ratio.

Various CPU:DRAM ratios of 1:1 at Synchronous
mode, 5:4 and 3:2 at Asynchronous modes which
are useful when FSB is above 200Mhz for memory

best option is of course locking the AGP ratio
during overclocking as onboard PCI devices like
the Audio chip may fail when PCI speed is above

of up to 1.925V in 0.025V increments is definitely
great for high clock speed overclocking. Usually
on air cooling, it is unlikely you will need any
VCore voltage above 1.75V. For phase change
cooling, a high VCore voltage will be needed for
very high clock operation above 4Ghz.

of up to 1.65V is useful for stability of some
graphics cards and provides for better stability
under high FSB operation.

Refresh Cycle Time is dependent on the size of
memory chips and chipset. It is best recommended
to set to Auto but i have tried setting it to
Strengthened and memory performance does improves.

tRD is
the delay after a write to memory till the next
memory access and it ranges from 2 clocks to 11
clocks. The lowest clock i can go is 4T to 5T and
the memory performance will improve when it is

option does affect memory stability pretty much so
it is recommended to set to Auto

can set to Enabled on most occasions

BIOS offers Disabled, Fast, Turbo and Ultra
Performance Modes. This option indeed affects
memory performance and change the memory timings
without you knowing. IS7-G Beta03 BIOS offers
Disabled, Turbo and Ultra Performance Modes only
so there is no Fast mode. I have difficulties in
running Turbo and Ultra mode so the best mode i
can choose is the Fast mode on the IC7-G board.

The PCHealth menu
shows and monitors all the temperatures, voltages
and fan speeds. The chip that handle all these
monitoring is the Winbond


LPC IO Controller.

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