The KV8-MAX3 uses the popular Phoenix – AwardBIOS, like we’ve
seen in most other ABIT boards over the last few years.

Overclocking your CPU is very easy with the KV8-MAX3, with the
multiplier locked, you can adjust the FSB in 1Mhz increments as well as have
complete CPU, AGP, DDR, and HyperTransport Voltage control.

The DRAM Timing configuration is very comprehensive, allowing
you to adjust almost every memory setting there is.

The temperature monitoring section on the KV8-MAX3 BIOS has the
standard CPU, System, and PWN temperatures; also including the shutdown and
alarm temperature settings we’ve seen included in many motherboards over the
past few years.

The features we’ve went over so far we’ve seen from ABIT before
in their high end line of motherboards, but the company has really taken their
BIOS a step further with the FanEQ Control setting. In FanEq Control, the user
can adjust almost every fan setting on all three onboard fans, very helpful
when overclocking and to the computer enthusiast in general.