The mini PC market has been exploding recently, and with the entry of the ABIT Engineered DigiDice, it’s about to go thermo-nuclear. ABIT’s DigiDice mini barebone goes where other mini PCs don’t even dare.


The mini PC market has been exploding recently, and with the
entry of the ABIT Engineered DigiDice, it’s about to go thermo-nuclear. ABIT’s
DigiDice mini barebone goes where other mini PCs don’t even dare. While other
manufacturers have added all kinds of colorful looking but useless features,
ABIT gives power users a high performance mini PC with more features and
expansion capabilities than the competition: room for 2 hard disks, 2 ATAPI
devices (CD/DVD(RW) drives) and an AGP and PCI slot as well as the most advanced
and silent cooling solution available for any mini PC. ABIT’s DigiDice also is
the most stylish and tasteful package ever designed to house PC hardware, and
we’ve even included a cool DigiDice backpack for LAN partiers on the go.

One Touch Multimedia

Located right above the OC knob are 4 programmable hot keys
that make using DigiDice’s various multimedia functions a breeze. The keys are
easily programmed inside Windows to run your favorite application. With one
touch, users can play DVDs or VCDs, listen to CDs, audio DVDs or MP3s, browse
photos or copy a DVD/CD.

One click overclocking

The ABIT DigiDice follows in the ABIT tradition by putting
overclocking abilities in the hands of those who dare practice the Black E-Art.
DigiDice offers two ways to overclock your system. Users can still tweak the
DigiDice for customized performance through ABIT Softmenu™, the original
overclockers BIOS interface. We’ve also included an easy overclocking front
controller knob, which offers 5 different settings for a quick hit when power is
needed during intense applications. The ABIT DigiDice is available using the
Intel 865G chipset. Onboard graphics can be easily upgraded to a high end
Doom3-worthy gaming beast thanks to the AGP slot.

LCD Hardware Monitoring

With DigiDice, we wanted to make a useful LCD panel that would
appeal to casual users as well as the most hardcore PC enthusiast. The LCD panel
on the DigiDice displays useful information such as CPU and fan speed for the
overclockers, as well as a temperature warning when things get out of hand.

Multimedia Connectivity

The front panel is loaded with features including a Firewire
port, 2 USB ports and a card reader for Memory Stick and CF cards, plus a
headphone jack. 2 DIMMS means up to 2 GB of DDR 400 memory, making DigiDice a
powerful unit for just about any application you can throw at it. Serial ATA is
offered for true data-enthusiasts. And of course, in true mini PC tradition both
units also offer 6-channel audio and onboard LAN.

OTES: The Rise of Cooling

With the demands that ABIT users put on their systems, we felt
it was absolutely necessary to have only a high performance, tried and tested
cooling solution that could cope with extreme temperatures while adhering to the
Silent PC Standard of 25 decibels. Of course we chose our own patented OTES
(Outside Thermal Exhaust System), as no other cooling solution on the market
exhausts heat out of the back of the PC case, reducing overall ambient case
temperature. OTES is ABIT’s own thermal solution: no other cooling solution
cools like OTES. That’s why it’s patented.

Limitless Expansion Possibilities

What truly sets the ABIT DigiDice apart is the expansion
possibilities with room for two ATAPI devices, two hard disks plus a PCI slot
for a TV tuner card and an AGP slot for a full range of VGA Cards, including the
ABIT Siluro FX5900 OTES. The ABIT DigiDice has all the features users crave in a
mini PC, without the inherent limitations of the form factor.

Hardware Specs:

ABIT Motherboard: IS-50
Chipset: Intel 865G+ICH5
CPU support: Intel P4 up to 3.06GHz
Memory support: 2DIMM (DDR400)
ABIT Game Accelerator
VGA: Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Expansion slots: PCI x 1AGP x 1
Expansion trays: 2 x ATA/SATA HDD, 2 x trays for CD-ROM, DVD/VCD-ROM or CDRW
Serial ATA: 2 ports
Audio: 6 channel AC97 CODEC on board
Front I/O: 6-in-1 Card Reader/ MIC In/ Headphones/ USB x 2/ IEEE 1394 X 1
Back panel I/O: PS2 Mouse/ PS2 Keyboard/ VGA/ Surround Out/ Center Subwoofer/ S/PDIF
Out/ Mic In/ Line Out/ LAN/ USB x 2
PSU: 200W with PFC
PC Power Off Features: OC Function/ Remote Controller
TV out : Optional for DVI&TV-out card or TV Tuner Card )
Cooling: OTES Cooling System with FanEQ control
ABIT Engineered Features
Chassis: 307(W) x 255 (D) x 215 (H)