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AC Ryan Relaunches PlayOn! HD

AC Ryan PlayOn! HD

This AC Ryan PlayOn! HD is the company’s relaunched Full HD network media player that supports most audio and video files, including MKV, MPEG-4, H.264, RMVB, MP3, FLAC, AAC and OGG Vorbis.

SINGAPORE – January 2010 – AC Ryan has relaunched its Playon! HD with new features, giving users the optimum viewing pleasure and convenience.

The Playon!HD supports audio and digital files, including those downloaded or streamed at quick time or real time from the Internet and computer, to be played on a television set directly. It enables users to enjoy their Full HD media on their large-screen LED or LCD TV with the highest 1080p Full HD quality.

It allows you to play a plethora of audio, pictorial and video file formats and codec, including and not limited to MKV, H.264, RM/RMVB, AVI, MOV, WMV, ISO, MPEG, JPEG, HD JPEG, BMP, TIF, PNG and even Blu-ray formats.

The formula of the success lies in its simplicity and practicality. The Playon!HD centralizes all your media, using a user-installable 3.5 inch SA/ SA II hard disk drive, supports up to today’s largest 2 TB HDD.

Connecting with HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), the Playon! HD loads quickly within 5 seconds just as you would expect a living room consumer device to be. Whilst browsing for a file, a window displaying a preview of your files will be played as you scroll your media library, hastening the search process for a particular movie or video clip. Next, just press “Play” and enjoy the show!
The optional Wireless-N 300 mbps Adaptor (retailing at S$59) dongle brings the Playon!HD to the forefront of wireless high definition media streaming, where users can view Flickr, Picassa and news feeds off the player directly, bypassing the need of a computer. A built-in UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) has been integrated into the media box which enables the player to auto-detect UPnP Media Servers on the network to browse and stream media files from them.

Empowering data generation with content-driven innovations
The firmware can be updated frequently from http://www.playonhd.com/ official website to empower users the choice to upgrade online for free and stay attuned to the most dated firmware advancements. It is a reliable and stable source, and addresses feedbacks from users. The updates are as frequent as monthly.

Features of AC Ryan Playon! HD include:
– Movie Jukebox:  With a stylish graphics user interface, the readily available thumbnails guide user through selection process, with information such as synopsis of the movie displayed, reducing the time of clicking into the option to read from the menu.

– Internet Radio:  Once connected to the internet via your router, you can listen to your favourite music from the internet radio stations available on the World Wide Web.

– Internet Feeds: From reading the RSS news feeds to the viewing of photos from Flickr and Picassa portals, you can’t help but feel that the world just one click away.

– Bit-torrent Downloading: User can now download their files directly into the media player from online sources. This will free up the usage of the PC for downloading.

– Media Library search function: Helps the user to automatically sort their music, photos and movie files in alphabetical order or search by key word and by Artist, Year, Genre and Date etc.

– Wide Language Selections: Worried that mommy who does not understand English has difficulty handling the device? Worry not; the user-friendly menu comes with multiple languages, from Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean to European languages.  Once selected, the file names and subtitles will change accordingly.

On top of the above enhanced features, the Playon! HD retains the popularity of:
– File management is relatively simple as well as it supports file delete and file copy directly into its box.
– 2 years warranty as compared to the benchmark of 1 year in the market.
– It comes bundled with 2metre AC Ryan HDMI Cable, together with other necessary cables for video and audio output; and ready plug-ins for media storage like—External USB harddisks, two USB ports, Mediacard reader slots for SD/ SDHC/MS/ MSPro and Network.
– Stylish exterior ringed by blue lights that glow with each functional navigation. An understated piece of accessory for your sleek TV set.  Skinz your Playon! for just S$19.90.
– Music lovers can look forward to the support of latest Dolby Digital Plus as well as the regular DTS and Dolby Digital pass-through. For use without amplifiers, the smart Playon! HD recognises and plays DTS and DTS-HD MA downmix.

Gaining strong international following
The AC Ryan Playon! HD is currently shipping to more than 30 countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Brazil, USA, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, etc.; and with more countries in the pipeline. AC Ryan Playon! HD is powered by RTD 1073 chipset, with a Recommended Retail Price of S$249 (without HDD), retailing at all Challenger and Carrefour outlets, and selected Sim Lim Square and Funan The IT Mall retail shops.

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