Besides Android tablets, Acer will also be bringing a 10.1-inch tablet running on Windows 7 platform to the US market. The Acer ICONIA is a new tablet device with a 14-inch form factor and has dual-screen layout and multi-touch functionality. Quite a unique feature like what its name suggest,

With not one, but two multi-touch display, you can interact and do more on the tablet such as browsing the web on one, and view your documents on another. Both the screens have resolutions of 1366×768 which is high definition enough for 720p movies. You can launch the virtual keyboard for keying your word documents or emails, and it also includes a touchpad and numeric keyboard.

Priced at approximately US$550, the Acer ICONIA is equipped with AMD Fusion platform and comes with a keyboard dock. Hopefully, it will also come to Asia.

Source: Engadget