Acer has launched an update to its $199 C7 Chromebook with the C710-2055, which offers better battery life, slightly beefier hardware, but comes with a higher price tag.

While its predecessor offered only around 4 hours of battery life, the C710-2055’s has been significantly improved.  Acer claims that its updated C7 Chromebook will provide 6 hours of run time on a single charge.  Speaking of improvements, the new C7 also has 4GB of RAM compared to 2GB in the older model.

Both old and new C7 share, however, the same 11.6-inch 1366×768 display along with an Intel Celeron 847 Sandy Bridge processor.  Internally, there is a 320GB HDD with 100GB of Google cloud storage as a supplement.

The C710-2055 Chromebook is priced at $279, and while it costs more than the previous-gen C7, the added RAM and extra battery life are more than enough to justify dropping some more coins.  Acer says that its C7 Chromebooks are targetted at casual users and the educational sectors.  So just like any other Chromebooks, it’s either you’ll like it for what it is or hate it cause it’s not what you expected.  If the later is the case, there might also be a Linux/Ubuntu option floating around somewhere… just saying.