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ACRyan Playon! HDMI Network Digital Video Recorder Review (Updated: 13 Oct)


It is about time the concept of the VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) went digital and the Playon! DVR serves well in what I always wanted to replace in the VCR. This digital video record gives me a lot of possibilities especially when it does more than just playback videos, it plays music and photographs

I personally think that the Playon! DVR functions much better as a video recorder than a content playback machine. If price is not a barrier, I wouldn’t hesitate to just use the video recording function of this unit alone and compliment it with my other existing media players. If basic functionalities were enhanced with Internet Radio, support for WMV9 format, inclusion of a digital TV tuner and most importantly, design changes to improve heat dissipation, then there is no doubt it would replace all my media peripherals and devices as the centerpiece of my living room.

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Review Rating

Façade and Box blends in nicely in the living room with your hi-fi setup. Heat Dissipation is a cause for concern.
Wired performance, streaming and buffering is pretty good. The Wi-Fi doesn’t work in my review unit.
Recording feature in the Playon! DVR sets this apart from other media player appliances Feature-packed. Lacking support for WMV and Internet Radio drags the score down. Also no support for H.264 codec in the market today where newer media players support it.
Setup is easy and idiot-proof. Lacking a few cables inside the box to make it a complete seamless setup
At SGD499 for a 640GB box and assuming that a standalone 640GB HDD costs around SGD100-130 today – I consider a price tag of around SGD350 for the PlayOn! DVR fair. It does well for a recorder but I am really hoping the firmware upgrades improve the playback functionality for to replace my existing media players that can already play WMV, Internet Radio and H.264
Averaged Score

 Editors Note:  Bare (no hard drive) units are available with at SRP $ 279 and this includes the USB Wi-Fi adapter and a HDMI cable.


Manufacturer A.C. Ryan
Product Name ACR-PV72100 Playon! DVR – HDMI Network Digital Video Recorder
Version Number Not Applicable
Distributor (Singapore) www.acryan.com
Distributor WWW www.acryan.com
Availability Now, Sim Lim Square shops
Price SRP SGD 499 w/640GB HDD
Promotion Offer SGD 399 at Carrefour (includes Wi-Fi Adapter and HDMI cable)









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