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Actwell i6000 (world’s first 6.5-inch Full HD phablet) graciously poses for the camera, pricing still unknown

The Actwell i6000's first real photos have emerged online, making the 6.5-inch Full HD phablet distinguish itself from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The spec sheet is no longer a question mark, but pricing remains a mystery.

It’s not entirely unusual to see massive “phablets” with super-crisp displays and very elegant bodies coming out of China, but the Actwell i6000 still caught us by surprise yesterday. The thing promised to be the largest handheld to date to sport a Full HD screen, although the uncanny Samsung Galaxy Note 2 design similarities seemed to reduce a little of the 6.5-incher’s wow factor.

What you may have not realized 24 hours ago was that the i6000’s first pics were renders and not real snapshots. Thankfully, we now have a few images with the actual 6.5-inch Full HD “phablet” (or rather a pre-production prototype), which are likely to increase the hype surrounding the beast.

True, you still can’t say the Actwell i6000 looks completely original, but it’s definitely far from a Note 2 clone. The corners are a lot more rounded, the bezels are super-slim (kudos for that, by the way), and there’s no stylus in sight anymore.

All in all, the thing is elegant, sleek and sexy, albeit it’s likely to not fit in your usual trouser pocket and it’s near impossible to be held in one hand, unless you’re Yao Ming.

As far as specs are concerned, Actwell has confirmed once again there will be a quad-core MediaTek MT6589 CPU beneath i6000’s hood, plus a decently sized 3,150 mAh battery. The whole package will measure a measly 9.5 mm in thickness and have a 13 MP snapper slapped on the back, as well as a 3 MP cam on the front.

On the software side of things, there will be Android 4.2 Jelly Bean upon launch, while dual-SIM support, GPS and A-GPS are the features that wrap up the known parts of the spec sheet for now. Sadly, there’s still no word on pricing, but the commercial launch is apparently set for mid-June, so the mystery can’t go on for much longer. Who's excited?

Source: GizChina

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