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Adobe announces Creative Suite 5.5: not a “Service Pack”

Of course, for a 'point-update' to be sold as a standalone product, it will need to feature certain key additions and enhancements which are compelling enough to sway users into biting the bullet and making the purchase. In this page, we shall describe some of the added functionality to the Creative Suite product line that will make their debut in version 5.5 of Adobe's creative software suite, as described by Nelson John, who serves as Adobe's creative consultant in the Technical Solutions Group for Southeast Asia.

Adobe InDesign

One of the new features available for users of the updated InDesign application in CS 5.5 is the inclusion of the new Adobe Digital Content Bundler. According to Nelson, the bundler will automatically compile all available InDesign files into a folio file which can either be submitted as an app for approval into the iTunes App Store, or released as an EPUB for viewing on e-book readers and tablet devices. And to ensure that the content plays nicely on most devices, the Digital Content Bundler also allows users to export their content in a wide variety of preset resolutions, or manually enter in the exact dimensions of the device's display/

Also new to InDesign in CS 5.5 is the new Adobe Content Viewer, which allows users to see how their rich content created with Adobe's creative tools will look like when viewed on a tablet device like the iPad. 

Adobe DreamWeaver

DreamWeaver is one of the world's most widely used WYSIWYG HTML editors, and as such it should be of little surprise that this particular application would also be given a few functionality tweaks to bring it up to speed with the current trend in online media consumption today. New to DreamWeaver in Adobe CS 5.5 is the inclusion of a multi-screen display which allows web developers to see how their websites will look like when viewed under the three most common devices used for content consumption: the smartphone, tablet and desktop/notebook PC.

Adobe Flash

Apple may hate the likes of Adobe's Flash platform for all it wants, but there is little denying the fact that until HTML5 moves out of its 'draft' status into a more complete specification (which will take a long time), Flash is still going to be the de facto standard for delivering rich and interactive online content.

And since nobody likes to work on multiple copies of a Flash file just to ensure that it plays nice on various devices with differing resolutions, Flash in CS5.5 has been updated to feature a tool which allows users to automatically upscale or downscales the file's dimensions without having to fiddle with each element manually.

Adobe Premier Pro

For content providers who place priority on video content, Adobe's updated Premier Pro application now comes with support for more camera profiles, including recent Canon and Nikon DSLRs, along with RED video cameras as well. This will allow users to start importing and editing their digital video content directly into Premier Pro without having to manually set various variables in the application.

Last but definitely not least, Premier Pro will drop support for Soundbooth in CS 5.5: this is due to the fact that the entire Soundbooth tool has been dropped from Adobe's updated Creative Suite. Instead, Premier Pro will now feature integration with the more professional audio editing tool known as Audition. And yes, you guessed it: Audition will come bundled in Adobe CS 5.5.

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