Unfortunately, Adobe has not been forthcoming about the release date of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, although we have gotten word that April 25 is going to be the magic date to look forward to. And of course, let's not forget about the retail prices for the boxed copies of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, which are shown in the presentation slide below (in US prices!).

Summary of prices:

Master Collection – US$3159
Design Standard – US$1519
Design Premium – US$2309
Production Premium – US$2065
Web Premium – US$2185

We should also take this opportunity to point out that the subscription model that Adobe has rolled out in the US is still not applicable to Singapore yet, although Adobe has confirmed that it  idea of a subscription-based model is currently occupying a place in the company's 'high priority' list. However, no specific schedule or timeline has been revealed with regards to the implementation of such a model, so suffice to say we can only wait and see when Adobe decides will be the right time to do so.