Overclocking experts from all around the world converge in Hong Kong and battle it out for the Advanced Overclocking Champion Crown. VR-Zone brings you the full report of the AOCC 2008.

Over in Dragon City in Hong Kong, top overclockers from twenty countries around the world gathered here pitting their overclocking skills against one another, fighting to be the pinnacle of overclocking. The competitors will have to make use of hardware modifications on the supplied hardware, their knowledge of liquid nitrogen cooling and software tweaking to aid them in their course (or discourse) during the event. I’ll cut the words short, and proceed on  with the pictures.

The backdrop

The crowd

The trophies

Our emcees, Shaq from Singapore and Sammi from Hong Kong!

unleashing performance, redefining limits!

The price checks laid out in descending order

The arrival of the liquid nitrogen tanks! The 20 teams used up a total of 11 tanks during the competition.

The Deejay, Mr Yao Ming who brought cool music to the showground

The team works hard to prepare liquid nitrogen in thermo flasks for the competitors.

flasks and flasks of nitrogen for your overclocking pleasure…