The Aftershock X11 is by no means a perfect laptop, with nondescript looks only its mother would love, un-exciting battery life and a bog standard screen. What is on offer here is a highly customizable road warrior that potentially can run circles around other clunky gaming laptops and even desktops, all within a reasonable price. The usual big boys Asus, Alienware and MSI don't have an answer to this today.

I can think of no better companion to bring along on long haul flights (unwashed, not caviar class) and hotel room gaming sessions. If I was a student again, buying this is definitely a no-brainer for use in those packed lecture halls and hanging out at Starbucks with that lovely green tea frapp. The quad-core/eight-thread processing, memory subsystem and graphical power is probably good enough too for causing a rift in the space-time continuum.

Interested now? Then head over to Aftershock PC to start customizing your dream X11. Prices start at SGD$1230 for the base configuration and probably still end up less than the psychological SGD$2000 price point once its specced out, which is one of the bargains of the century. Oweing to its user-friendly hardware access, you can also choose to upgrade the components later when the economy crashes in the aftermath of a Mitt Romney election victory.

Shut up and take my money.

Pros Cons
  • Weight (1.72kg)
  • Compact size, acceptable thickness
  • Quality Construction
  • Thrilling Performance for its class
  • Superb Thermals
  • Unparallelled Customizability
  • Honest Pricing
  • Battery Life
  • Screen
  • Looks

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