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Aigo P200 256MB MP3 Player

After taking a closer look at the outlook of the Aigo P200 MP3 Player, we are going to start playing around with it. Switching the MP3 player on was quite a breeze and was pretty intuitive (just by the press of the PLAY button).

The PLAY/POWER ON button

However i spent the next 10 minutes, without looking at the manual, trying to switch the player off. Exasperating indeed, i resorted to checking the manual. It was then i found out that, to switch it off, i would need to hold on to the STOP button on the side.

The REC and STOP/POWER OFF buttons

The audio out and the MIC

The USB/charger connector and the line in

One honorable mention about this MP3 player is the ability to record from 3rd party sources like a Mini-Disc player, eg CD players using the Line In jack, particularly useful when users do not have access to a computer. There is also a MIC built into the player, and the recording quality is pretty good too.

The major flaw in the player is the missing ‘hold’ switch from the player. I experienced a lot of disruptions while using the player on train trips and while walking with the player in my pocket. Hopefully Aigo can correct this flaw in their future players.

The USB Data Interface connector and the Charger shares the same connector, and it’s not possible to charge the player via USB. User will be unable to use the player for file transfer while charging the player. The connector will also experience more wear and tear under such circumstances. The battery of the player is also built in within the player and is not replacable by the user, and the charging time is a whole 3 hours via the provided charger! A wee bit too lengthy in my opinion

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