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Aigo P200 256MB MP3 Player

Its pretty exciting because the Aigo P200 is a full color MP3 player and one would expect to be greeted with vibrant colors and a beautifully-designed user interface. Well, the Aigo P200 has it all.

The start-up screen!

The MP3 Player

The Recorder

The FM Tuner

The Games (Yes, the Aigo P200 comes with games included)

Yes, the Aigo P200 comes with a few nostalgic games like Tetris and Push the Block. I remembered that i used to play these games on my old 486 PC very very long ago!

Game Titles

Games – Russian Block

Games – Push the Block

Games – Gobang

Games – Black & White Chess

The disk explorer feature actually allow you to queue or play music files in the playlist, view images and text documents with the press of a button, a very nifty function in my honest opinion. from here, you cah also choose your favourite picture and set it as the player’s wallpaper.


Exploring the folders

The player comes with an unique text to speech function, allowing you to convert text files into speech files, but i doubt that anyone will look into this feature when purchasing a MP3 player oftheir choice.

The only gripe is that the formats that the player supports is very limited. Currently, only the Windows Bitmap(*.bmp) is supported for images, acrobat(*.pdb) and Standard Text(*.txt) is supported for text files. Hopefully Aigo might release a firmware that can provide more formats.

Image Viewer

Recorder in Action!

MP3 Player in Action!

FM Tuner in Action!

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