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AirDrop Wi-Fi sharing currently being tested for iOS7


Apple may finally be ready to implement AirDrop functionality in iOS7 to allow the sharing of files through Wi-Fi.

9to5Mac is reporting that their sources have indicated that Apple is currently testing a version of iOS7 that includes AirDrop as a possible sharing option. This was planned in previous versions of the operating system but was scrapped before release so it’s important not to get too excited until it’s announced on stage.

How the feature will work will be similar to how sharing anything works on the OS. If you record a video for instance, you just hit the share button and the list of options will appear and one of those options will be AirDrop. You’ll be able to wirelessly transfer the file to another iOS device or to your Mac.


It’s nice to see Apple implement a functionality like this especially considering their biggest competition in Android can already do this in more than one way. Of course, it will still be limited to iOS devices and Macs so Apple’s continued lack of multi-platform support seems like it will continue with this feature.

For the entrenched Apple hardware users this should be a very welcome feature if it comes to fruition.

Source: 9to5Mac

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