There is little to comment on the installation of the Nero 3 cooler, as the cooler is using the same push-to-lock plastic pins found on Intel’s stock coolers. The Nero 3 comes ready to be installed on socket 775/1155/1156 socket coolers; if you own any other CPU supported by this cooler, you only have to replace the retention bars with the correct ones for your CPU. The installation is as easy as placing a thin layer of thermal paste on the CPU core, then placing the cooler on the CPU and firmly pushing all four pins into locking position.

After the cooler is installed on the CPU socket, with the aid of the supplied rubber anti-vibration studs the fan needs to be secured on the cooler’s body. Akasa’s Nero 3 is definitely not a small cooler but not massive either, remaining within the limits of the CPU socket. There is plenty of clearance between the cooler and the RAM slots, allowing the users to install modules of any given height without a problem.