Akasa supplies the Venom Voodoo cooler inside a large, sturdy cardboard box with a black/green theme. Information on the product’s features and a few pictures can be found at the sides and the rear of the box. Inside the box the cooler is carefully enclosed inside polystyrene foam pieces.

Supplied with the cooler, you will receive both cooling fans, the necessary metallic retention brackets needed for the installation of the cooler, a small syringe of Akasa’s AK-455 thermal compound, a 3-pin adaptor which allows the fans to be powered by a single motherboard header and a basic black and white manual.

This cooler is designed to hold one or two 120mm cooling fans and Akasa supplies both. The supplied fans feature curved “S-Flow” blades which are supposed to enhance airflow by up to 30%. These yellow S-Flow fans which Akasa supplies with the cooler are PWM controlled and have a maximum rotational speed of 1900RPM, although their speed can drop as low as 600RPM.